How can you maintain your portable restrooms in bad weather?

If you rent portable toilets for an outdoor event and expect bad weather, it’s important to know what preventative measures to take. Let’s take a look at the shelter, protection, accessories, and cleaning needs of portable restrooms during extreme weather. 

  1. Shelter
  2. Protection
  3. Accessories
  4. Cleaning Schedule

1) Shelter

A windbreak can be used to prevent the portable toilet from blowing over in extreme winds. If lots of rain or wind is expected, don’t place the restroom out in the open. Try placing it on a hard surface such as a paved area near a building or fence for coverage.

2) Protection

The toilet must be protected from wind and rain, even if you don’t have a sheltered spot. Stakes are an option for most styles of portable toilets if you expect high winds or if you must place the toilet in an exposed area. While the stakes provide stability, an awning over the top of the toilets can provide shelter while still allowing air circulation around the toilets.

3) Accessories

You’ll need to plan ahead for cold weather in the winter months. Rent a heated toilet instead of a regular non-heated portable toilet; this will make the toilet more comfortable to use. You should also plan to have some drainage mats for the toilets as well. Drainage mats go on the outside of the toilet and help reduce the amount of mud and water that gets into the actual toilet area.

Pro Tip: A trustworthy portable restroom rental company should provide the necessary equipment and accessories needed to keep your toilets presentable throughout the event.

4) Cleaning Schedule

Plan to check on restroom conditions often during wet weather. A spray vacuum makes the toilet cleaning simple. The device first sprays a disinfectant on all surfaces, which is then followed by a water rinse. Finally, the vacuum sucks up the additional water. Follow with a dry wipe down to remove the remaining moisture, since the toilet may not dry out on its own during damp weather.


Maintaining portable toilets in bad weather conditions means taking the necessary precautions beforehand. Keep an eye on weather updates in the days leading up to your event and stay in touch with your portable sanitation service to keep things running smoothly.